Sunday, February 26, 2012

to the respected teachers

well this is a post written to the RESPECTED teachers who says "give protection to teachers" after the incident happened on feb 09 2012 .

an obedient student,(this is what all expect)
student community.

the Respected Teachers.

Respected , Honorable, highly dignified teachers,

a warm good evening. as a student i was also shocked as you when i read the news but please think beyond the student. the respected teachers who may have any tension at home/principal/institutions shows it at the students. please dont say no . its true. you may be highly qualified with Phd and so it is difficult for you to express the things which are basic in easy language. for eg, nausea means uncomfort. as a MSc MEd you know it very well but we are new to the word why dont you say the meaning every time it comes in lesson. so on the 11th/12th time even a student who dont listen the class can say it right. but the highly dignified teachers utter it once.
there happens many times sexual harassment against child (both girls and boys) well may be when i am typing this it may happen to a child at any school/tuition by a staff. this may be discussed as a topic for issue but not yet solved.
even when a boy asks the teacher to explain menstrual cycle it is seen as a insult to the teacher .

it is not only teachers but also students who suffer so for all those who are writing in newspapers saying what a generation of students and this and that please dont show your emotions immediately on the letters and fb etc.

thanking you,
yours obediently.

this is what I think about the incident .